Laser Rangefinders

The 1,54 μm laser rangefinder with video output is designed for the determination of distances to the tactical field objects. It operates integrated within a detection and aiming system. The connection with the detection and aiming system is ensured by an RS422 serial connection. The detection of the tactical field objects is done through the built-in video camera. The device is provided with an external display. The power supply of the product is ensured by the system within which it is integrated.

By conception and destination, the device ensures:

  • the possibility of transmitting tactical field information to a processing and display system;
  • the possibility of transmitting video signal from a build-in video camera;
  • the possibility of being integrated to any optoelectronic system by adapting the interface software.
Supply voltage 18V÷32V cc
Consumed power less than 60 W
Laser transmitter energy 6÷12 mJ
Laser pulse duration 20÷45 ns
Measurement range 50÷10.000 m
Measurement accuracy ± 5 m
Resolution between 2 consecutive objectives ±40m
Laser beam divergence 0,8 mrad
RS 442 communication with external systems (RS 485 or RS 232 optional interfaces)
Video signal for PAL display
The alignment accuracy of the rangefinder aiming point with the laser beam axis is ±0.3 mrad
Weight max. 2,4 Kg
Size 122x222x95 mm
Temperature range
  • operating temperature: -32° ÷ +49° C
  • storing temperature: -33° ÷ +60° C
  • relative humidity: 95% ± 3% at a temperature of + 40° C


Sensor 1/3″ SONY Super HAD CCD
Pixels 752(H) x 582(V) Apr. 440 000 nPixeli
Output signal Composite / 1 Vp-p 75 Ω
Horizontal resolution min. 500 TV lines