About us

EOC is part of a group of companies, known generically in ROMANIA as ELECTRO OPTIC. All have the same shareholders, the group also includes the following companies:

  • Electro Optic Systems Ltd – EOS
  • Electro Optic Systems Management Consulting Ltd – EOSMC
  • Electro Optic (EL-OP) Ltd – ELOP


The shareholders are Romanian citizens, which had worked as researchers in Romanian military research institutes, and founded the first business in 1997. The four companies have about 30 employees, mostly engineers and technicians, and up to 15 employees, specialists in science and engineering highly skilled or specialized workers in the field of optoelectronic, collaborating on projects.


Măgurele is a town situated in the south part of Romania, about 15 km southwest of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Its population is 9,200. The town hosts a nuclear research lab, the Institute of Atomic Physics and its National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering. Between 1957 and 1998, it hosted a nuclear research reactor, now closed down. The Faculty of Physics of the University of Bucharest is also located in Măgurele.

EOC Headquarters

EOC established its headquarters in Măgurele since 2008, and is extending its capabilities by almost doubling spaces for research and production starting 2014.

Research neighborhood

On February 21, 2008, a new RO-EU research project has started namely ”Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics” and its goal is to build and operate the largest laser in the world today. EOC is a member of the scientific cluster for laser development and also customer of research results. Details here

The ELECTRO OPTIC COMPONENTS is specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and testing of optoelectronic systems for various applications:


Mechanical, electric, electronic and optic components, parts and assemblies for civil and / or military applications

Complex systems for defense and security

Complex cable systems for civil and / or military applications


All mechanical components and parts for internal needs in its own facilities

Mechanical and optoelectronic assemblies for civil applications and / or military

Complex systems for defense and security

Various types of microcontroller boards for automation

Complex cable systems for civil and / or military applications


PC and microcontroller software development

Software development for complex systems, and also for the integration of complex systems for defense and security

Complex software for target tracking and image fusion


Provision of design, manufacture and testing of components and assemblies to third parties